In The Crucible, what does Deputy Governor Danforth seem to greatly enjoy?

Expert Answers
lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Crucible, Deputy Governor Danforth seems to enjoy the attention the court is receiving from the Salem Witchcraft trials. He is prideful and feels himself superior ro others. He is egotistical in all that he does. He is self righteous and enjoys the pomp and circumstance of being in the spot light.

Being Deputy Governor makes him feel all authoritative. He is totally in control. He enjoys being at the center of the events going on around him.

Deputy Governor Danforth puts up a strong and proficient appearance. He seems to enjoy the girls' deceptive actions. He seems to enjoy hanging people. Even though he is presented with strong evidence that Proctor and the others are innocent, he refuses to reverse his decision. He seems to enjoy his powerful position:

Although, like Hale, he is presented with considerable evidence that Proctor and the others are innocent, he refuses to grant them clemency. He argues that it would reflect badly on the court if he released prisoners after executing a number of people accused of the same crimes—regardless of their innocence. 

No doubt, Danforth is stubborn. He has no flexibility at all. He refuses to reverse his decision to hang innocent people. He would rather innocent people die than to look foolish. Truly, he seems to enjoy all the drama the girls have created. He would rather believe young girls than the strong evidence that Proctor and the others are innocent. Danforth's pride is inflated. He is a stubborn man. He sees no flexibility in the law:

[His] pride and position will not allow him to reverse a previous decision.