What does Delphine bring with her from the library for Vonetta and Fern in One Crazy Summer? What does she bring for herself?

Delphine brings a copy of Peter Pan for Vonetta and Fern, and she carefully makes a reading plan of how many pages to read each night so that her sisters will be entertained. For herself, she chooses a copy of Island of the Blue Dolphins.

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Before leaving Brooklyn for Oakland, California, Delphine checks out some books from the library. For Vonetta and Fern, she brings a copy of Peter Pan. She chooses it because the girls have some coloring books based on this story at home, and she is sure they will like it. This version is “a real book, thick with more than a hundred pages of adventure.”

This gesture shows Delphine’s maturity and parental affection towards her little sisters. She thinks carefully about every decision regarding the girls; she even plans how many pages she will read to them from the book each night.

Additionally, Delphine has the foresight to put aside two dollars and eighty cents for the late fees that will accumulate after their two-week loan from the library ends, seeing as their trip visiting their mother is a full twenty-eight days. This is one example of Delphine's acting like a mother figure to Vonetta and Fern, although she herself is only eleven years old.

After her sisters fall asleep, she pulls out the book that she has chosen for herself: Island of the Blue Dolphins. So as not to wake the girls, she reads it in the hallway, where she falls asleep sitting up.

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