What does Delinko ask Roy to do in the book Hoot?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Officer Delinko asks Roy to call him if he comes across any information concerning the vandalism that has been occurring at the construction site of the new Mother Paula's All-American Pancake House. Roy had been struggling to make it home in the rain, walking his bike that had a flat tire, when Delinko had picked him up. Delinko, who is acquainted with Roy's parents, is hoping that Roy can come up with some leads that will enable him to nab the vandal, and tells the boy to "keep (his) eyes and...ears open." Roy "not too eagerly agrees," but is not happy about being asked to essentially be "a snitch." He appreciates the fact the the Officer has stopped to give him a ride, but thinks that what Delinko is asking is a high price to pay in return.

Delinko, on his part, is desperate for any clues that will help him catch the vandal. In trying to fulfill his responsibilities in protecting the construction site, he has made some foolish blunders. Not only has he embarrassed himself, but his superiors are on his back for a swift and effective solution to the problem. Officer Delinko is under pressure from all sides to put an end to the vandalism, and he hopes that Roy will be able to provide the information to help him (Chapter 7).