What does de Guiche do to Christian and Cyrano at the end of Act 3? What promise does Christian make?

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At the end of Act 3, de Guiche sends Christian and Cyrano off to war.  The cadets were not originally going to war, but when de Guiche learned that he had been tricked and Roxanne had married Christian, he signed the order to send the cadets in his anger.  Christian does not actually make a promise in this scene, but Cyrano makes one for him.  Roxanne begs Cyrano to promise to keep Christian safe, make him be careful, and keep him from the cold.  Cyrano only says he will try to all those requests, but when Roxane asks for a promise that Christian will write often, Cyrano responds, "That's the one thing I can promise you!"  The audience, of course, knows that is because Cyrano will be the one writing the love letters.  The scene is interesting because Christian really doesn't play apart in it at all.  The interaction is all between Cyrano and Roxane, revealing the truth of the relationship again to the audience, although Roxane still does not see it.

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