What does Daniel's home on the mountain look like in The Bronze Bow? (a very detailed description)

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the novel The Bronze Bow, by Elizabeth George Speare, the setting for part of Daniel's story takes place in the mountains.  Daniel bar Jamin was indentured to a local blacksmith in his small village near Galilee.  Daniel runs away and lives in the mountains with a band of robbers who pose as zealots for the Jews.  Daniel's home with Rosh and the other men is in a clearing at the top of a mountain trail.  The clearing has room for the men and their animals.  They have skins from animals on which they sleep.  The descriptionwhen Daniel arrives back at the camp with Samson, the freed slave, is one of a sparse and rugged lifestyle.  There is a large cave that the men use as home.  In the cave is where all of their supplies are stored. They store their food, water, weapons, and valuables in this cave.

He helped himself and Samson from the sstock of raw vegetables in the cave, cabbage and cucumbers and onions pilfered from the farms in the valley, and they lay down in the dark shade of the cave to doze away the midday hours.  (31)

We read about Daniel's homemade forge when Simon comes to visit.  On page 32, Daniel shows Simon the forge which the oven is constructed against a rocky wall, lining it with clay, and devising a primitive sort of bellows from a pair of goatskins."