What does Daniel dream of presenting to Rosh?  

Expert Answers
anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Daniel dreams of presenting a group of young men to help push the Romans out of Israel. Daniel had once been a part of Rosh's group hiding in the mountains. He is also a Zealot, like Rosh and his men, seeking to free fellow Jews from the oppressive Romans. When he must return to his village to care for his sister and becomes the village blacksmith, he forms a group of young men eager to fight the Romans. He, along with his friend Joel and his twin sister Malthace, meet secretly with an ever-growing group to undermine the Roman rule of their land. At times, Rosh contacts them to assist in the cause. Daniel respects and loves Rosh, seeking his approval because Rosh saved his life when he was young. Though he is beginning to question Rosh's methods in seeking liberation, Daniel still dreams to giving Rosh a body of fighting men.