In "The Crucible", what does Danforth think Mary Warren’s appearance in the court might be?it's is in actIII in crucible

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In Act III of "The Crucible", Mary Warren initially goes to court to tell Judge Danforth that the girls are lying and have been lying from the very beginning. When she tries to give this information to Danforth he thinks that she is bewitched by someone who is forcing her to lie to the court by telling him that the girls had been lying. Therefore, Danforth thinks that Mary Warren's appearance in court might be due to a witch or the devil forcing her to tell him that the girls are lying.

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Danforth says that Mary's appearance might be an attack on the court and therefore, he is skeptical of her statement that the girls are making up the stories they tell in court. By this time, Danforth has invested a lot of time and his own credibility into the search for witches in Salem. If he believes her story, it means he has been duped and will obviously lose face as someone who was tricked by a group of young girls. Eventually, he openly questions the truthfulness of her statement. Mary is so shaken that she rejoins Abigail and the girls. He then has John Proctor arrested.

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