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What does cyberbullying mean? Provide a real-world observation or experience that exemplifies this concept by providing some examples.

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Cyberbullying is essentially harassment of a person or persons using technology. It can take a number of forms. Let’s look at this in more detail to help you better understand.

Cyberbullying usually involves sending nasty messages to a person or sharing negative or private things about a person in some online forum. Hateful text messages, for example, are a kind of cyber bullying, as are malicious posts on someone’s social media sites. Cyberbullying may also involve a person hacking into another person’s account and using it for all kinds of negative purposes. It can even include spreading obnoxious rumors online. Sometimes compromising photos are sent around as well.

You should think about the experiences you or your friends or acquaintances have had with cyber bullying. Maybe you have received hateful messages or had someone post a vicious remark on your Facebook page. You might have witnessed this happening to another person.

Consider how cyberbullying feels to the person on the receiving end of it. You might know from personal experience, but if not, think about how you would react if someone was mean to you using technology in some way. Cyberbullying can actually cause depression, anxiety, and sometimes even suicide in victims.

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