What does Crooks mean by the following remark in "Of Mice and Men": "Nobody never gets to heaven and nobody gets no land."

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Crooks is a very cynical man because of the way that he has been treated during his life. Because he is a Black man, he is forced to live in a separate room on the ranch away from the other men. He reads books to pass the time but has no real relationships with the other men who work on the ranch. His cynicism has made both his belief in God and in dreams disappear. So when Lennie first tells him about the dream he and George have of a farm, Crooks simply doesn't believe it can happen. That's why he says," Nobody never gets to heaven and nobody gets no land." In other words, heaven doesn't exist for Crooks and neither do the fulfillment of dreams. He is sure Lennie and George will never achieve their dream of a farm or land.

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People always come in hoping for things and wanting things. They work for things which he think are impossible. He has seen many people come and go in his life and he only has seen them fail at the one thing every man wants most: their own land. at least that is my own opinion...

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