In Frankenstein, what does the creature notice when he leaves Victor's apartment in Ingolstadt?

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The creature first notices light/dark sensations.  The light initially causes him to close his eyes because he is as one (a baby) seeing for the first time.  He also experiences temperature sensations.  Because he is cold in the apartment, he grabs some of Victor's clothes, which will later supply him with Victor's journal.

Mary Shelley's decision to list the creature's first reactions when he is at the apartment and then the forest outside of Ingostadt coincide quite closely with the Biblical portrayal of the order of creation (light and darkness first, etc.).  The author's order demonstrates how close Victor is to "playing God."

wekstedt | Student

This is a very important section of this novel. Remember that at this point, the monster has not learned language. This brings up the discussion on how we think without language. Often when we think, we think in words. The monster has absolutely no language to express his thoughts. It would be a very confusing time for him. He is also dealing with his senses for the first time. He has to deal with sight, sound, taste, smell and feel. I believe his first overwhelming feeling is the overwhelming light that hurts his eyes. He also feels the great pain of hunger and the night cold. He has to learn to deal with these senses. Remember that he didn't know the words "cold," "hunger," or "bright." How could he explain what he was feeling?

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