In Milton's Paradise Lost, what does the council of fallen angels decide to do?

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In John Milton's Paradise Lost, the council of fallen angels decides to build a capitol, built by Mulciber and named Pandemonium. Once the capitol has been built, the council decides upon their next steps.

Once in established Pandemonium, the council of fallen angels decide that they desire to overtake God and reclaim heaven for themselves. Four of the demons each state their stand on what they believe should be done.

Moloch states that he believes that the demons and devils need to declare war on heaven.

My sentence is for open war.

Belial, disagrees with Moloch. Instead of war, Belial believes that the devils and demons need to stay peaceful and simply exist in hell.

This Hell then seemed
A refuge from those wounds.

Mammon seems to agree with Balial, thinking it will be better to be in Hell away from God.

Live to ourselves, though in this vast recess,
Free and to none accountable, preferring
Hard liberty before the easy yoke
Of servile pomp.

After Mammon's speech, the demons and devils erupted in applause signaling their desire to stay in hell.

Such applause was heard
As Mammon ended, and his sentence pleased,
Advising peace.

After the demons and devils decided to stay in hell, Beelzebub in next to speak. Beelzebub believes that hell is not what the others have made it out to be.

This place our dungeon, not our safe retreat.

Instead, Beelzebub turns his attention to another place.

Another World, the happy seat
Of some new race, called Man, about this time
To be created like to us.

Therefore, instead of declaring war on heaven, Beelzebub decides the demons and devils should declare war on those "favoured more of him who rules above."

By sudden onset--either with Hell-fire
To waste his whole creation, or possess
All as our own.

The demons and devils decide that this is the path they will take in order to enact revenge. The council, then, decides to send Satan to search for the new world of God.