Discuss the conflicts between Cory and Troy in of Fences Act One, Scene Three?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most of the conflict between Troy and Cory is seen in Scene Three.  It is here where Troy questions Cory about the pursuit of his dream of playing football.  Practices and time committed to the sport has caused Cory to quit his job at the supermarket and neglect chores.  Troy is opposed to Cory's pursuit on two levels.  The first is that it reflects the power dynamic between father and son, with the latter doing something that the former does not embrace or endorse.  The second level is something that Rose brings out in the next scene that Troy might be displacing the frustration and sadness at the denial of his own dream of playing baseball, something that never came to fruition and haunts him because of it.  The conflict is not necessarily resolved at the end of Scene 3, but it is shown to be one where the father demands complete control of the father's life and the son having to wrestle with the fact of following this control or going against it.