What does the conversation between Abigail, Mercy Lewis, Mary Warren, and Betty in Act I of The Crucible reveal about their recent activites?

Expert Answers
pirateteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Once Parris leaves the room, the girls are left alone to speak about the previous nights' events. Mary Warren encourages her friends to confess for dancing in the woods.  She tells Abigail that she'll face the punishment (whipping) for dancing "and the other things." She doesn't explain this, but Betty fills in the gaps.

Abigail tries to wake Betty telling her that she has told her Reverend Parris everything, and she has no reason to be afraid.  Betty, surprising all of the girls, jumps up and responds "You drank blood, Abby, you drank blood!" 

Here we begin to get a better picture of what happened last night.  While it remains clear that the girls are not possessed by witches as the Putnam's assume, it is clear their nocturnal actions were playing with witchcraft. Betty tells us that Abigail drank blood in hopes of killing Goody Proctor.

The quick conversations show us that Abigail is in control of the girls and is capable of lying and manipulating those around her.