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apettitshaheen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The conflict between Mathabane and his parents reveals "a: the father's hopelessness about his family's future." Mathabane has a certain optimism that his father will never have mainly because of his education; however, Mathabane also has received guidance from his mother and grandmother to counteract his father's negative attitude. The father is entrenched in his old tribal ways, much more so than the mother. The father has experienced humiliation and degredation largely as a result of apartheid and specifically his many encounters with the police and his times in jail. He does not believe that apartheid will ever change, so his family's future in his eyes is definitely bleak.

tctrainer | Student

The conflict between mathabane and his parents reveals a: the father's hopelessness about his family's future. The father knows that their lives are going down hill, and he is worried about what is going to happen to them if another invasion occurs. He takes this tension out of his life by fighting with mathabane.

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