What does the Commander want from Offred?when Offred was asked to meet the Commander and play Scrabble, what is the purpose of it?

Expert Answers
slcollins eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When the Commander asks for Offred to come to his study and play Scrabble, it seems that he has at least two motives. One motive seems to be to have some kind of friendship/relationship, something “real,” with another person. His approach, at first, is rather innocent and contradicts what Offred thinks he might want. This motive can also be reinforced by the demeanor of his wife, Serena Joy. She is cold and unimpressed by her husband’s position in society, and he seems to be looking for someone to whom he can relate. Another motive, a much more sinister one, can be inferred from the constraints set forth in that society. The Commander could be trying to make Offred his “accomplice.” In doing this, he might make her so afraid of being caught that she would do whatever he wanted to avoid being found out. When he takes her to Jezebel’s and gives her a peek into the hypocrisy that reigns supreme in that society, he is giving her a knowledge that could be dangerous. He is also putting her into a very dangerous position, one that only he could rectify should it come to that.