What does the clocktower in To Kill a Mockingbird symbolize?Does this tie into any other symbol in the book?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The clock tower of the Maycomb County courthouse symbolizes the slow change which takes place in the town. The clock tower sits on the south side of the courthouse, and author Harper Lee certainly did not choose to place it there randomly. The clock tower "clashed" with the Greek Revival columns also found on the south side--a style reminiscent of the great Southern mansions which once graced the area before the Civil War, and one that still represents the memories of the Old South and which still dominates many of the citizens' way of thinking. On the north side, the courthouse "was early Victorian," built after the original courthouse had burned in 1856. The clock tower was also probably added after the destruction of the original courthouse, and it is a more modern representation and symbol of the newer Maycomb. The clock, however, like the people of Maycomb, was "unreliable," showing that though times change, attitudes sometimes stand still.

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