What does Clarisse rub under her chin?  no

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In Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, the dandelion does fail to rub off on Montag's chin, indicating, according to Clarisse, that he is not in love.  In addition to this leading to Montag's understanding of how much his marriage is lacking, it helps lead to his understanding of how much his entire existence is lacking.

This dandelion incident is part of the entire package that Montag is exposed to by Clarisse.  The fact that she even thinks about "love" is new to Montag.  Also, her family actually spends time talking.  She contemplates nature.  Most of all, perhaps, she spends time thinking. 

All of this, including the dandelion incident, plays a part in Montag's "seduction," if you will.

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Of all things, she rubs the yellow flower from a dandelion under her chin.  She says that if she does that, and the color rubs off on her skin, it will mean that she is in love.  When she rubs it under her chin, the color does come off (which surprises me because you think with her being such a rebel she'd have trouble finding love).

She then has Montag try.  It does not come off on him.  This is part of the process that makes him sad about the way his and Millie's life together has ended up.

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