What does Cherry say is the difference between the Socs and greasers in The Outsiders?

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Cherry and Marcia were the first two Socs Pony had ever talked with before. He didn't see much difference between them and greaser girls except that Cherry loved the Beatles and hated Elvis. After Ponyboy finished telling Cherry the story about Johnny being jumped by a group of Socs, he was surprised to find her

... white as a sheet. "All Socs aren't like that..."  (Chapter 3)

She assured Pony that Socs had troubles of their own and that "Things are rough all over." Money was the biggest difference between the Socs and greasers, Pony thought, but Cherry said that was only part of it. Greasers were "more emotional" than the Socs, who prided themselves on their "aloofness" and being "super-cool." The Socs were caught in a "rat race," going in circles without clear direction. Socs had more than they wanted but were always unsatisfied, always "looking for something else to want." They never showed their real feelings, and Cherry agreed when Pony decided that Socs "don't feel anything" and greasers "feelt to violently." But most importantly, Cherry believed that

"We're so sophisticated--cool to the point of not feeling anything. Nothing is real for us."  (Chapter 3)