In "Flowers for Algernon", what does Charlie realize about his "friends" Joe Corp and Frank Reilly? Explain what happened.

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After his operation, he realizes his so-called friends, Joe and Frank were really making fun of him instead of being his friend. The moment of realization comes when Joe tries to make a fool of Charlie by getting him to use the machinery to make the dough. Before his operation, this would have been impossible and, as Joe says, Charlie would make such a mess "they would call get the day off." However, Charlie has been watching the operation and been able to memorize how the machines work. So, he is successful at a task that took Joe quite a while to learn. After that experience, Charlie is no longer the butt of jokes but he does become an outcast at work because the men are both jealous and afraid of him.

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