What does Cecile's house look like in One Crazy Summer?

Cecile's house in One Crazy Summer has a stucco exterior with a dry, well-kept garden and a carport. The inside is painted a "yellow beige" color, and to Delphine's surprise, there is no writing on the walls. The guest bedroom, which the girls are to share, is equipped with a bed, a day bed, a headboard, a dresser, and a floor lamp.

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Cecile's home in Oakland, California, is described in detail in the chapter titled “Green Stucco House.” Delphine observes that the exterior is “green” and “prickly,” a style which their mother introduces as stucco. The house is situated in a garden that is dry but neatly kept. A carport stands to one side of the house, but the children do not immediately know what this is, and to them, it just looks like a slab of concrete “with a roof over it.” It is Cecile who explains that this is a carport, even though there is no car in it.

When the girls walk inside, Delphine is surprised to see that the house is not a greater expression of Cecile’s freedom and that there is no “writing on the walls” or “strings and strings of words tapped out from her pencil onto the walls.” On the contrary, Cecile’s approach to décor appears to be clean and simple, with the walls “painted a yellow beige.”

The children are directed to a room at the back of the house, across the hall from the bathroom. The bedroom, which the children are to share, is kitted out with a bed with “a blue cover,” a headboard, a dresser, a floor lamp, and a day bed, which Delphine and her sisters pull out from under the main bed.

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