What does Calpurnia permit Scout to do that she had not permitted before in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Calpurnia doesn't allow Scout to get away with much, and the Finch's housekeeper keeps a close rein on the two children. But on the morning after Jem, Scout and Dill came to Atticus's rescue at the jail--and preventing Tom Robinson from a possible lynching--Calpurnia does give in to one of Scout's requests. As Calpurnia served Aunt Alexandra coffee, Scout attempted to give a "pleading winning look." Scout had apparently been eager to try coffee before with no success, but this time Cal gave in when Scout suggested it might "help my stomach." Cal placed one tablespoon of coffee in a clean cup and filled it with milk. Scout showed her thanks by "sticking out my tongue at it." Of course, Calpurnia had already broken new ground when she took the children to her church one Sunday when Atticus was out of town.