She Walks in Beauty Questions and Answers
by Lord George Gordon Byron

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What does Byron most likely mean when he states that the woman has “a heart whose love is innocent”?

Byron most likely means that the woman's heart is pure and free of sin, guilt, and social conditioning that prevents most people from seeing others as who they really are. She is a transcendent and wholehearted lover. Her romantic partner can tell this about her and appreciates her unique devotion and purity.

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In "She Walks in Beauty," the speaker describes an idealized woman, who is the "best of dark and bright." This woman possesses a perfect beauty, has "pure" thoughts, a "mind at peace," and "A heart whose love is innocent." The word "innocent" here seems to be synonymous with purity, and is of course antonymous to guilt or sin. From this one might infer that this woman's love is above earthly conditions and not subject to the usual, impure conditions that are often imposed upon love.

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