What lesson does Buddy's friend learn about God and nature at the end of "A Christmas Memory"?

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This part of the story occurs towards the end, just after Buddy and his friend have sent all of their fruitcakes off and are flying their kites in the sky. It is whilst they are both enjoying this idyllic moment, as their kites fly around in the sky and "swim in the wind," that Buddy's friend suddenly has a kind of epiphany about how we can see God. She had imagined that the human body needed to be sick and dying before they were able to see God. However, the beauty of the current scene and of the nature that surrounds them makes her realise that we don't see God only at the end of our lives, but we realise that He has revealed himself to us throughout our lives:

"But I'll wager it never happens. I'll wager at the very end a body realises the Lord has already shown Himself. That things as they are"--her hand circles in a gesture that gathers clouds and kites and grass and Queenie pawing earth over her bone--"just what they've always seen, was seeing Him. As for me, I could leave the world with today in my eyes."

Buddy's friend therefore realises that the divine is present in the everyday, if we have eyes to see it, and that God reveals Himself in the beauty of nature. We do not therefore need to wait until we are sick and dying to see Him, but can see Him everyday if we have eyes to do so.

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