What does Bud Lawrence plan to do with the word "frindle" once he owns it?

Expert Answers
mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bud Lawrence was a local businessman in town.  He read an article about Nick Allen's new word and was quick to go to his lawyer to file a trademark claim on it.  Within a few days, he set up a small company, which manufactured ballpoint pens with the word "frindle" imprinted on them.  These pens sold so fast that the stores could not even keep up with the demand.  But just as suddenly as things had started, the frindle pens stopped selling.  Local kids seemed to have forgotten about frindles, and Bud Lawrence moved on to other business ventures.  

Nick soon started making TV appearances.  Then people began writing articles about his new invented word.  Bud Lawrence began receiving an enormous amount of orders again.  Concerned about a potential lawsuit, Bud met with Nick's dad.  They signed an agreement so that Bud would produce a variety of frindle products and Nick would receive 30% of the profits.  Bud went forward with his ventures.  He created and sold sunglasses, erasers, paper, shirts, and a variety of other items with the frindle name.  He also opened his own factory making frindle baseball caps.  Frindle products were sold all over the world.