What does Buck find when he returns to camp after killing the moose in Call of the Wild?

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Buck spends four days stalking and killing the great bull moose in Chapter 7 of Call of the Wild, and then another day and night "eating and sleeping." Upon his way back to Thornton's camp, he sensed a "calamity;" the birds, squirrels and even the breeze gave warning. His hair rippled and bristled, and his nose picked up the scent of death. First he found Nig, and then Hans, dead from Indians' arrows. Buck must have realized what happened because he became a

     ... live hurricane of fury, hurling himself upon them (the Yeehats) in a frenzy to destroy...
     The Fiend incarnate...

He quickly tore open the throats of two Yeehats and then the Indians began shooting themselves with arrows that were meant for Buck. But Buck did not stop there. He dragged them down "like deer" as they tried to flee, and it took the Yeehats a week to eventually reunite and count their dead. Buck discovered that killing a man was easier than killing an animal, and he determined to avenge Thornton's death by taking more Yeehat lives. First he joined the wolf pack, and then he began stalking the Yeehats, who would come to call Buck the great "Ghost Dog" who drove them from their valley.

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