What does Brutus's encounter with Portia teach you about Portia, Brutus and their marriage?  Did Brutus tell Portia about plan?

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When Portia pleads with Brutus to share his burdens with her, she identifies herself as a strong, loyal and loving wife.  She reminds him that she is Cato's daughter which proves that she is brave and capable of sharing his worries.  She reminds him about the wound in her thigh, again proving her courage and strength to bear the problems that he is facing.  She also displays deep insight into her husband's character when she refuses to accept his explanation that he is 'sick'.  Portia points out that she knows that  Brutus is too wise to be out in the cold, damp night if he was really physically sick.  She refers to their relationship as one where they share everything, if not, she would simply be a harlot sharing his bed, but not his life.  She pleads with him to allow her to help carry his burden.  This shows love and devotion from her side.  Brutus is initially reluctant to let her know about the planned assassination.  He pretends to be sick, but because she insists on knowing his sorrows, he relents and is prepared to tell her.  At this point, Brutus appears to be weary and too tired to argue.  He gives in to the tenderness offered by  his wife.  Their relationship appears to be loving and considerate.

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