What does the British Amalgamated represent in "A Man of the People"?

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reidalot eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The British Amalgamated represents everything that is corrupt in Nanga's deceptive rule. This incident occurs when Chief Nanga is discussing his new road with Odili prior to the arrival of the Americans. We discover that the new road must be tarred immediately according to Nanga's wishes, yet there is a delay because an African boy,really a native African soil expert, wants the soil tested prior to the road being paved. Complicating the matter even more, Nanga has ten luxury buses arriving to use the road; these buses are  lent to him by the British Amalgamated on the never-never arrangement, or a free gift (43). Of course, this will allow Chief Nanga to become even wealthier. This incident illustrates Africa's dependency through its own corrupt officials on the foreigners, the British. Even though the British may not outwardly hold power, they are using Africans as puppets so they may  rule the country from behind the scenes. The British Amalgamated sustains Africa's economic dependency upon foreigners. Ironically, this is occurring while Africans believe they are free from foreign power!