What does Brian learn is the most important thing that drives all creatures in the forest?

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Of the many lessons Brian learns in the wilderness, the drive for survival and the focus on living is probably the most important lesson that Brian gains.  When Brian first winds up in the wilderness, he dwells on why this happened, the blaming of his mother for the breakup, and his unfortunate condition.  Brian quickly grasps that the drive of the creatures in the forest do not care, that survival and the sustaining of life continues despite what he thinks of himself.  When he understands this, he gains the insight needed to survive.  This application of Mr. Perpich's "tough hope" is what helps Brian to survive.  He understands that the only way out of this condition is to gain toughness, focus on one thing at a time in his hope of survival, and learn how to make each day better than the previous one.  This understanding is not only what drives Brian to live and thrive in the wilderness, but is the animating spirit of each creature in its desire to live.

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