What does Brian learn about patience in Hatchet?

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It sounds so cliched and trite to say, but Brian learns the value of patience through his ordeal.  When the plane goes down, Brian believes that rescue will be immediate and that it will be a matter of short time before he is found.  What he learns is that his rescue is deferred for an indeterminate amount of time, and that he must be able to develop his own survival skills.  Recalling the teachings of Mr. Perpich, Brian adopts the mentality of taking "one thing at a time."  Such a belief, in its own right, is patient and deliberate, cautious and precise.  This allows Brian to develop patience, as he learns that he will need this level of steadiness in harnessing his energies against a natural world which is more austere than he is at the start of his ordeal.

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Brian has patience from experiencing different things in the wilderness, and Brian has patience throughout those challenges. 


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