What does Brian learn about nature from the moose attack?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Brian sees the moose attack as yet another challenge of living in the wilderness.  The moose attack reminds him of the cruelty of nature and the reality of where he is.  In the ongoing dialectic that Brian endures in terms of seeing one element and recognizing its antithesis within it, Brian understands the need to heal and endure the moose attack.  Similar to the porcupine or the tornado, Brian recovers from the moose attack with a resolve to survive and to not surrender.  Brian learns that his surroundings are filled with potential predators and there is little he can do to stop this, except to remain vigilant and convinced that he will survive that which is confronting him.  The moose attack helps to forge Brian's "tough hope," a resolution and change in character that demands that he will survive and not let the wilderness defeat him.  It is this recognition that proves to be Brian's most enduring trait from his experiences in the wild.

amaria13611123456 | Student

 I think the same thing