What is All Day Permanent Red main content about?

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All Day Permanent Red by Christopher Logue is a contemporary rendition of Books of Homer's Iliad. the significant thing about Loue's work is that it is not a translation; it is a rendering based on notes, reinvention through invented characters, reduction, and compaction. Logue's poem won't strike chords of continuity because he doesn't restrict himself to the Trojan War but also references other historic and current wars as well.

This is signified in the title, which suggests the truth that there is war-caused red blood shed all around the globe all day long. Reinvention is Logue's talent for adding new characters to the Iliad's tale. Reduction is notable in the elimination of the dramatic dialogue that Iliad has been noted for all these many centuries. Compaction is at work in the use of energetic vernacular speech of everyday English.

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