What does the bird in Trifles represent?A) nothing B) Mrs.wright C) the Wrights marriage. D) Mr.Wright

Expert Answers
amymc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, given your choices, I would answer that the bird in Trifles represents Mrs. Wright.  Minnie is a beautiful caged bird in her marriage to the dark and unforgiving Mr. Wright.  

Through the conversation between her neighbor and the the attorney's wife, the reader comes to realize just how much like the bird Minnie Wright is.  Apparently Minnie Foster, as a young woman, was a beautiful, social, friendly young woman who enjoyed singing in the church.  Everyone commented on her beautiful singing voice.  Her energy seemed to be as unrestrained as the flight of a bird.  

Even though Minnie Wright bought the bird herself, it certainly symbolizes these parallels.  The bird is the one spot of beauty in Minnie's life.  It is the one pretty sound in the too-silent home.   Mr. Wright's killing of the bird thus symbolizes Minnie Foster's "death" as she becomes Minnie Wright.

Much like Mr. Wright could not stand to see his wife so vibrant, he hated the bird as well.  Finding the dead canary in Minnie's sewing kit provides the women the reason that Minnie had supposedly killed her husband.  He had metaphorically killed her first.