What does Biology mean to you now that you are studying it?

Expert Answers
jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Biology as defined is the study of life. This governs all the processes and development of the life of any creature that has thrived here on earth. Among the other natural sciences, biology is unique since it is about life, which apparently makes it a lot interesting. 

Personally, I see biology as the art of the science. It makes us think, imagine and appreciate life and how it was created altogether, connecting with each other to form a universe of relationships. 

Learning biology as what I've said is an appreciation of life and the curiosity on how other life forms live. This can also make one's mind seeks on how the early life forms survived and evolved. Like for example, as a student, we try to picture out the life before when dinosaur is living on the surface of the earth. We can also expand our imagination through underwater and take a look on the creatures there. 

Collectively, we study biology because it is essential to our daily living. 

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