What does Betsy decide to do? Why?

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The question is a bit broad, because a specific chapter is not named. Betsy makes decisions throughout her time in the novel, but I believe that you are asking about her decisions in chapter thirteen.  

In chapter thirteen, Betsy decides to sign the petition for better working conditions in the factories. The current conditions are atrocious. Long hours, minimal breaks, dangerous machines, volumes so loud that going deaf is a real possibility, and fibers so thick in the air that lung problems are almost guaranteed. Signing the petition sounds like the smart thing to do, but Betsy is risking her job by signing the petition. She knows that she can be fired for signing it, and she knows that she can be blacklisted from all of the other factories as well. Nevertheless, Betsy signs the petition . . . and then gets fired.  

Betsy's final decision in the chapter is to apply to attend Oberlin College.

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