What does Baba say that upsets Amir in Chapter 11 of The Kite Runner?

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Baba is never able to adjust to his new lifestyle in America, and he is still set in his ways when it comes to a career. After surprising Amir with a navy blue Gran Torino for his high school graduation present, Amir announces that he plans to major in English and creative writing when he enters junior college. Baba still believes that his son's love of writing is a hobby and not fit for a career.

"Stories, you mean. You'll make up stories... And what will you do while you wait to get good and get discovered? How will you earn money? If you marry, how will you support your khanum?"

Baba believed that a career in writing was a foolish idea and suggested strongly that Amir consider medical school or law school, anything but "a chatti job like mine, one that you could just as easily land today..." Baba's words angered Amir and

My cheeks burned and guilt coursed through me, the guilt of indulging myself at the expense of his ulcer, his black fingernails and aching wrists.

But Amir decided to "stand my ground," refusing to sacrifice for Baba anymore.


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