What does the author of the poem "The Wanderer" miss most?

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Twice the speaker in "The Wanderer" mentions the loss of dear friends and confidants. In lines 9 through 16 he laments not having anyone to tell the troubles of his heart and mind to. His suggests that it is the way of the warrior to unburden his thoughts to his dearest friends because a "Weary mind" can not withstand the ills of "fate" nor can a "troubled thought" provide "help" to anyone (15, 16).

Later on in the poem, near the end, the Wanderer says the wose mind remembers many wars and because of his recollections he asks where are the "horse ... the young warriors ... the gift-giver ... the feast seats .. the hall joys" and the "bright cup" of flowing wine. From these two excerpts, it seems that the thing the Wanderer misses the most are the beloved friends and family who know his heart, who listen to his troubled thoughts, and who give him his joy.

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