What does the author reveal about a life of exile?

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The author revealed that the life Arsat and his wife lived in exile was very lonely, difficult and perilous. The location where their hut was located was lonely because it was abandoned by the local inhabitants and Arsat and his wife were strangers in the area.

Moreover, they disliked Arsat, first as a stranger, and also because he who repairs a ruined house, and dwells in it, proclaims that he is not afraid to live amongst the spirits that haunt the places abandoned by mankind.

The two exiles were also unable to make any social connections except for the white man who visited them from time to time. The people in the area feared the place and feared Arsat and his wife because they were unable to comprehend how and why the two chose to live in that area. In this regard, the people presumed them dangerous and avoided interaction with the couple.

The polers ran along the sides of the boat glancing over their shoulders at the end of the day's journey. They would have preferred to spend the night somewhere else than on this lagoon of weird aspect and ghostly reputation. 

The death of Arsat’s wife after the illness also showed the difficulties involved with living as exiles. Arsat helplessly watched his wife die due to the illness as he was unable to access treatment or medication.

Suddenly Arsat stumbled out with outstretched hands, shivered, and stood still for some time with fixed eyes. Then he said--- 'She burns no more.'

The author described Arsat’s challenges and geographical location where he lived together with his wife to offer a glimpse into the lives of exiles.

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