What does the Australian entrepreneur Clive Palmer think being successful means?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Palmer defines success in terms of money.  Above all else, Palmer is able to claim that he made millions of dollars in his investments and through his business acumen.  Palmer is able to construct money as an important ingredient to his business success.  He is able to be who he is and is known for what he is known for and run for political office because he is wealthy.  Palmer's political platform is rooted in the ability to create jobs and generate growth.  He is able to make these claims because he is wealthy.  Palmer recognizes that if he had failed in business and real estate, he would not be seen as the man he is today. Being successful is seen in money and financial terms. He is able to finance a campaign for national office through the accumulation of wealth, running in a platform where money is the definition of success.  

Another element that Palmer uses to define success is the ability to give back to his nation.  Palmer is unabashedly willing to stipulate that his success enabled him to give back in a larger forum. Palmer is spending much of his own money to run for office.  In this, one can see that he is defining success in more communitarian terms. Palmer sees success as being able to give back to Australia and propel it to greater heights.  His desire to conquer national politics as he did business is reflective of this.  The first metric was money and the ability to accumulate wealth.  The next metric for Palmer's understanding of success seems to be the ability to do something on a large scale for more people as a result of his accumulation of wealth.