What does Aunt Georgiana's appearance upon her arrival in Boston tell you about her life in Nebraska in "A Wagner Matinee"?

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The appearance of this "misshapen figure" when she arrives at Boston from Nebraska clearly indicates the way that toil and country living have ground down this former music teacher into a shadow of the person that she was. Note the way that the narrator describes his Aunt when she descends from the train:

She had come all the way in a day coach; her linen duster had become black with soot and her black bonnet grey with dust during the journey. When we arrived at my boardinghouse the landlady put her to bed at once and I did not see her again until the next morning.

Note the way that Aunt Georgiana is made to appear dazed, bewildered, timid and unassuming. The narrator then goes on to compare his aunt's appearance to the battered bodied of explorers, suggesting that her life in Nebraska has been full of deprivations and harships, one that has stunted her and one that is not suitable for who she is as a person.

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