What does Aunt Alexandria not allow Scout to do in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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In addition to the two examples from the previous posts (Alexandra does not allow Scout to sit at the adult table at Christmas at Finch's Landing, nor does Aunty give permission for Scout to visit Calpurnia at her house in the Quarters), Alexandra forbids Scout from inviting Walter Cunningham Jr. over to the Finch house "to play." Alexandra believes that the Cunninghams are not a fitting family with which to associate, and Walter Jr. never gets to visit the Finch house again. When Scout asks why, Alexandra replied,

"I'll tell you why... Because--he--is--trash, that's why..."  (Chapter 23)

Earlier, Alexandra warned the children to "stay in the front yard today" on the morning of the Tom Robinson trial. Of course, the children paid no attention to her.

We held off until noon... After dinner, we stopped by for Dill and went to town.  (Chapter 16)

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Go to Calpurnia's house.

aszerdi | Student
In chapter 9 of To Kill a MockingbirdScout describes the Christmas festivities with her family. Her Aunt Alexandra refuses to allow her to sit at the big table with all of the adults and Jem and Francis. Instead she must sit at a little table all by herself.
At Christmas dinner, I sat at the little table in the diningroom; Jem and Francis sat with the adults at the dining table. Aunty had continued to isolate me long after Jem and Francis graduated to the  big table. I often wondered what she thought I’d do, get up and
throw something? I sometimes thought of asking her if she would let me sit at the big table with the rest of them just once.
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