What does augmented mean as it is used in paragraph 5 of "The Japanese Quince"?

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The short story "The Japanese Quince" by John Galsworthy tells of a staid, dignified, aloof man named Mr. Nilson who wakes up one morning to find that spring has arrived. It is obvious from Galsworthy's description that Nilson keeps a strict schedule, follows society's norms, and is intensely concerned about what others think of him. On this beautiful morning, though, he perceives a bodily sensation in his throat and under his ribs that troubles him.

Thinking that a walk in the garden might help, he goes outside and breathes deeply, but this only increases the sensation. He listens to a blackbird singing and then spots a lovely blossoming tree, a Japanese quince as he finds out, and goes over to admire it. While gazing upon it, he notices...

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