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What does Athena warn Telemachus about in Book 15 of Homer's Odyssey?

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In Book 15 of Homer's Odyssey, we return to the story of Telemachus, who has been searching for his long lost father, Odysseus. In the opening of that book, the goddess Athene goes to Lacedaemon (Sparta) to tell Telemachus that it is time for Telemachus to return home to Ithaca.

Athena also tells Telemachus that he needs to hurry because the relatives of his mother, Penelope, are urging her to marry one of the suitors, Eurymachus, whose gifts are more numerous and of higher quality than the other suitors. If Telemachus stays away from home too long, his mother will be gone by the time he returns and the suitors will have devoured all his property.

Probably the most important piece of advice that Penelope gives Telemachus is that some of the suitors are lying in wait for him on his route home and that they are planning to kill him. The goddess tells him how to avoid the suitors and tells him to seek out the swineherd Eumaeus when he returns to Ithaca. What Athene does not tell Telemachus is that his father Odysseus will also be at the swineherd's hut.

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