What does Arthur F.  Holmes say about God as the third party to any sexual relationship?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Arthur F. Holmes' Ethics, Approaching Moral Decisions , the author explains that the process of sexual intercourse is more like a union. This union is blessed by God through the sacrament (or, in his Christian-based lexicon, the "institution") of marriage. Moreover, God equipped men and females with what Holmes basically describes as a perfect physical machinery which provides both pleasure and purpose. It is because there is purpose to our physical build-up that, Holmes argues, we should not fall under the habit of using sex as a conduit for mere pleasure, or mere biological planning.

According to the text,

A sexual relationship is not confined to two persons : it also involves God, the creator and Lord of all who, for his own good purposes made us the sexual beings that we are.

Holmes also advocates that the ultimate goal of a true and well-intended sexual relationship is to find God's purpose towards the human race. After all, it was through our creation that God demonstrated his love for us, his want for the success of the human race, and his desire to see us become better as we evolve. Hence, through the process of sex comes the conception, or the creation, of a new life; the union between two people under the blessing of the institution of marriage must include God as the conduit of life, making God the third party.

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