What does Annie accomplish in the breakfast room with Helen? What type of things does she accomplish?

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Because of her disability, Helen has not been held to the same standards as other children. In their dysfunctional family dynamic, the Kellers do not wish to deal realistically with the fact that Helen is blind and deaf. It is as if their pity for her is so great that they cannot give her the normal discipline with which parents raise their children. But the paradoxical result is that Helen is treated almost as if she is not human. Instead of having a place at the table, she is permitted to walk around the table and grab things at will from the plates of the other family members. The unfortunate analogy that comes to mind is one of a family pet being fed from the table.

Annie immediately recognizes that this is not only wrong but appalling. She asserts control by getting the Kellers to allow her to take charge of the situation and to begin teaching Helen to behave and to eat her meals in the way children should. In doing this, she accomplishes two things. First, she establishes that if...

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