what does angus tuck tell winnie to keep a secret at the pond?

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Tuck takes Winne out to the spring and shows her all of the different life there, and explains how everything is in a natural cycle of growth and decay. Because the Tuck family has had water from the magic spring, they are immortal and therefore forever outside of this natural cycle. Tuck sometimes wishes he could be back in that cycle, even if it meant he andhis family would die, because that was the natural thing. Tuck tells Winnie that he thinks it would be a very bad idea if everyone knew about the magic water, because they would be ruthless in their attempts to get to it, and it would be too late for them to change their minds once they drank from the spring. By explaining all of his misigvings to Winnie, Tuck tries to convince Winnie to keep the spring and its properties a secret from the rest of the world.


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