What does Alan think love is in “The Chaser” by John Collier?

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Unfortunately, I believe that Alan has an exceptionally warped view of what love is. Alan goes to the mysterious potion dealer in hopes of purchasing a love potion that will aid him in his quest to secure the affections of his dear Diana. Alan is quite infatuated with Diana, and it appears that she does not reciprocate his feelings. Alan's solution is to drug Diana with a love potion that will supposedly make her fall desperately in love with Alan. The potion dealer describes to Alan that the love potion will make Diana desire to be everything to Alan. She will be jealous of anyone that he talks to that isn't her, and Diana will quite literally try to occupy every waking moment of Alan's time. This is what Alan believes is true love. Unfortunately, Alan mistakes true love for something that more closely resembles infatuation and obsession.

"She will, when she has taken this. She will care...

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