What does Act 5 tell us about the ways in which Romeo has changed  in Romeo and Juliet?Think about when we first met him in Act 1.

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smflannery eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Romeo has matured throughout the play, even though it only spans over a week’s time.  His true maturation is through his notion of love.  In the beginning of the play he pines over his lost love Roseline.  He absorbs himself in verse and locks himself in darkness and seclusion.  He talks to his friends about having the beauty of life sucked out of him because love denied him.  When he meets Juliet, things change.  Many criticize and say that their love was based solely on primordial instinct and desire.  This is true but most “healthy” relationships are based on the same.  The difference now becomes in age.  Granted the two were very young but does that mean they do not know how to love?  The answer is, “no.”  Romeo and Juliet may have been young but by the end of Act V you realize that they loved each other more in that week that some have in a life time.  They may also be teenagers but they both put as much conviction and passion into their relationship as someone twice their age.  Did Romeo mature throughout the play?  Yes, his notion of love and his actions toward the idea made him wise beyond his years.

icecold9485 | Student

Idk if this is the right answer but here it is..

Rome is more mature in act five than he is in act one. He has pretty much lived through an entire man's life in a matter of a few days. He falls in love, he has killed, he gets married, and he fulfills his manly duties to Juliet the night after their marriage. At one point, when he is outside of the mausoleum, he calls Paris a youth. We know that Paris is considerably older than Romeo but he can call Paris a youth because he has been through so much more in his life than Paris has.

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