In "The Crucible", what does Abigail do when others become suspicious that she is pretending? Who is called to support John's testify? What happens?

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Abigail resorts to the same behavior she has been using throughout the trials. She says she is being tortured by a spirit---this time Mary's spirit. John grabs Abigail's hair and admits to adultery with her. To support John's accusations, Elizabeth is brought in to confirm the affair. However, Elizabeth wants to protect her husband's reputation and denies the affair with Abigail took place. Then Abigail looks up and says she sees a big bird that she claims is Mary's spirit trying to hurt her. The other girls, including Mary, join in.They accuse Proctor of being on the side of the devil. So John Proctor is arrested along with Giles Corey. Of course, this is not what Abigail had in mind but, through her own actions, she has lost control of the situation.