what does 2 tons equal in pounds

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electreto05 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To convert tons to pounds, first we convert tons in kilograms knowing that:

1 ton(metric) = 1000 kg


2 tons(metric) = 2 x 1000 kg = 2000 kg

Now we convert kilograms into pounds, knowing that:

1 kg = 2.204622621848776 pounds


2000 kg = 2000 x  2.204622621848776 =  4409.245243697552 pounds

So that:

2 tons(metric) ≈ 4409.25 pounds

rsarvar1a | Student

I'll assume that the two units that you are looking at here are the imperial units of the pound and the short ton.

First, we want to find the conversion for short tons to pounds, which is pretty easy to find. A reliable source tells us that:

1 short ton = 2000 pounds

So, all you have to do is apply this conversion. If the number of tons is 2, and the number of pounds per ton is 2000, you can simply multiply 2 by 2000 to get the answer. So:

(Number of tons) * 2000 (Pounds in a ton) = 4000 (pounds in two tons)