What does 1984 suggest about love in our time?

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1984 depicts a very sad view of modern love.  Orwell depicts love as something that will always be subject to external scrutiny.  The fact that Big Brother controls all and dominates all over all aspects of consciousness is reflective on how love is subject to this as well.  Julia and Winston have to be covert about their sexual liaisons and, if they are in love, it must be kept secret from others.  Orwell also demonstrates love to not be strong enough to withstand such external scrutiny.  Love, in our time, is shown to be something that is malleable, able to bend and buckle under the pressure of external sources of intrusion.  It is one where lovers betray one another at the sight of their worst fear.  This vision of one is not redemptive, but rather symptomatic of the very worst in human nature.  In this, Orwell presents love as not a refuge.  Rather, he shows to be something that cannot resist the worst elements of the outside world.  Love, like all else in this modern setting, can be twisted and manipulated.  It is here where the view offered of love is a painful and cruel one.

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